Sweet (and messy) venture!

Just now I realized i did my last post 1 month ago. So what I was doing all along this month? First of all much of office work suddenly got dumped on me because of which I could not take my “writing post breaks” during office hours and secondly I was busy in baking some cakes on weekends.

This baking thing started few years ago but as usual I never paid much attention to it after learning some basics. Suddenly since last few months baking arrived in my life once again and I am baking cakes with all enthusiasm (This is the only hobby my family approves of, apart from all my ‘useless, time wasting hobbies’ that I harbour as per them. phewwww….)

Don’t get scared I am not gona share cake recipes here and convert this post in to some cookery class. This is all about a small, little story that went in to each cake baking.

IMG-20160604-WA0004I actually don’t remember why I baked this cake. I guess I was just free that day and some mangoes were lying around the table. When my husband arrived at home he was more concerned about mess I created in kitchen than being happy looking at this lovely mango cake. At the end he and my brother finished it in no time that’s another thing.


This was a cake which do not look absolutely great but has much drama attached to it. It was my parents anniversary and we decided to meet for lunch rather than dinner. After getting up in morning I had rather elaborate plan for breakfast with some bread rolls filled with potato’s and this cake baking simultaneously. I don’t know at some days why I try to overdo things where I lose track of time completely. It was around 1 in the noon and I was looking at the half baked cake. Then I started to wonder whether to keep this cake as it is and to run ribbons and balloons and grab some ready made cake and make way to restaurant where we decided to meet. But somehow I could not let go this poor looking cake and finally managed to whip some cream. All the while I was getting irritated at husband and at the cake alternatively. Looking at my failed attempts and increasing frustation level Β husband dear decided to make use of his culinary skill (???) and he succeeded in giving the cake ghost like appearance at first which he improved later on by trial and error. All this while we were getting calls from family about where are you people, when you will reach at restaurant, why you started baking cake at last minute etc. Finally when we reached restaurant running and huffing only to know no one had reached there and we were first one to arrive. At the end when everyone arrived and saw their son in law’s decoration skills they were mildly surprised. Cake tasted good so I was happy but the waiter dropped down biggest chunk of it while serving thr cake. He had no choice but to apologise and I had no choice but to forgive. It was one big, messy day I guess.


This was one for my brother’s birthday. It was raining that day and I had to do all kind of acrobatics to reach bro’s home with this cake intact (waterproof cakes is need of time I guess).When we arrived I saw already four cakes lined up there awaiting their turn to get under the knife. But thanks to this rasmalai twist Bro was most excited to cut and taste it despite having tasted four cakes previously!

IMG-20160619-WA0002-1In coming week after brother’s b’day I read somewhere about oreo cake and was thinking about it. Oreo as biscuits I always felt are overrated. On Internet you will get thousands of receipes of oreo cakes, milkshakes and what not. I mean there are others biscuits do exist to take notice as well. Anyway I was wondering about baking this oreo cake but was finding no reason to make it. Weeks after weeks I was baking and this particular week I had no reason. Suddenly in morning I discovered it was father’s day (I am very poor in remembering days but thanks to watsapp which floods your phone with messages wishing you fathers day, mothers day, family day, earth day, pet day, all sort of diseases day, republican day etc.etc.) and I was more happy than any father on father’s day as I got a valid reason to bake. All went well that day while baking but when it was time to incorporate oreo in recipe I remembered that I forgot to buy them. Now with cloths filled with cream I had no intention to venture out of home to buy those overrated biscuits. While checking alternative I found Bournbon in biscuit basket and it was turned in to bourbon cake.

I don’t know like all my other hobbies where this cake baking will land but at least people around are happy to taste cakes that arrives time to time and to admit that at least one of my hobby is of some use. And i feel this is more than enough for me to go on!


3 thoughts on “Sweet (and messy) venture!

  1. Fully enjoyed with the CAKES… But how could we call it as ‘Messy’ while all were made with some purpose and with full of interest and enthusiasm. A Women is never ‘Off Duty/ On Holiday’.

    Liked by 1 person

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